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                                     Annemarie Picerno - Just Be Kind 
                                                                       Bob McGilpin -  Arrangement, Instruments And  Vocals


JUST BE KIND - Annemarie Picerno 
Music Produced by Bob McGilpin  
Release date: April 30 2021 
Label: Amplifiedsound 
ISRC#: TCAFO2105456


Annemarie Picerno

Born out of a tragic loss, Just Be Kind was written to honor her friend Michail who Annemarie Picerno lost to suicide in 2018. The driving, rock-ballad feel of this track is the perfect vessel for such a powerful message – a vibrant backdrop of instrumentation, but the music never gets in the way of the meaning. On a base of keys and lead by Picerno’s soaring vocals, this single is a battle cry of emotion line after line. The lyrics implore us to lay our weapons down, to put an end to hate, and embrace kindness. Bob McGilpin's excellent musical arrangement and soaring guitar solo weaves around the vocals with this powerful message to JUST BE KIND ( The Ark of Music - May 2021)

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                             Annemarie Picerno - "Color Blind"

Annemarie Picerno uses her powerful voice to plea a timely topic. Whether it is discrimination, hate, racism, bullying, or greed, she offers the possibility that people return to their own hearts and minds and see what their own true colors are .  A stunning video with a visual mix of characters :

A Vigilante, A Sorceress, A Good Witch, An Empress, and a Warrior all appear in the music video played by Annemarie to the masterful music arranged by Bob McGilpin.  They  ask for a change in ourselves to give a new perspective to loving and true acceptance.

COLOR BLIND - Annemarie Picerno 
Produced by Bob McGilpin 
Lyrics & Music - Annemarie Picerno 
Release date: Jan 14 2021 
Label: Amplifiedsound 
ISRC#: TCAFI2173770