From the recording MONEY PAIN

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Now in all music stores, MONEY PAIN rocks the blues for the working class stressed by the economic pandemic and the challengesof musicians to keep making music. With soulful vocals by Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin, along with squealing guitar and thumping bass beats, MONEY PAIN is a force of perseverance and declaration for better times ahead.

MONEY PAIN - Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin

Songwriters: Larry Morton , Bob McGilpin ©2019

Produced by Bob McGilpin


I opened my mail box
Nothing but bills
A house with no heat
Gave my blues the chills
I lost my job now everything’s changed
I ain’t got nothing but money pain

I went to my doctor
He said where does it hurt
I said deep in my pocket
So he took a look
He reached inside and pulled out some change
He said you got a bad case of money pain

Got no money, no money tree
Most people got some but there’s none for me
I’d sell my soul for a dollar or two
Devil said no thanks, you’re born to lose
Well, I don’t know why this happened to me
I can’t believe it my destiny
I’d buy a lotto ticket and things might change
But I ain’t got nothing but money pain!