MUSIC REVIEW by Anthony Nguyen 6-27-24

Indie Music News Reporter

"You Know I Love You Right" is a remarkable achievement in songwriting. Its meaningful message, powerful vocals, and superb production make it a standout track.  Annemarie Picerno continues to prove herself as a formidable force in the music industry, captivating audiences with her talent and heartfelt performances."  BWH MUSIC GROUP - Anthony Nguyen 


Indie Music News Reporter June 26 2024

Interview with Annemarie Picerno

"The feeling upon a stage or in a recording studio, the vibration of creating, and the connection with an audience is something that cannot be fully described, but so integral and necessary to feel complete as an artist.  And for a moment, I feel joy in a gigantic world."  Annemarie Picerno



JUNE 12 2024

"Annemarie’s warm and welcoming voice catches your attention immediately. That great blues-soul vocal that breathes so much more life and longing into a simple love song. After all, it is about more than just the words; they are nothing without the right emotional delivery. This is exactly the right emotional delivery, you believe every word that she says, you know that she means it."  Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture


INDIE TALK - June 7 2024


"I'm thrilled to share 'You Know I Love You Right' with the world," says Annemarie Picerno. "It's a song that speaks to the depths of love and the journey it takes us on. Working with Trevor Layne and Bob McGilpin has been incredibly rewarding, and I can't wait for listeners to experience this musical collaboration."

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Series Season 12 Episode 7 – “Fall & Peace”

Review by Dave Franklin (Dancing About Architecture)

Those familiar with the Bongo Boy roster and musical friends will recognise the singular voice of Annemarie Picerno immediately as she kicks things off with What Will You Say, a bluesy-soul ballad, but one forged of confident tones and gorgeous textures. The term power ballad managed to get itself a lousy name and evokes images of poodle-haired glam rockers in unnecessarily tight jeans, but this is a power ballad in perhaps the truest sense of the words. 

Love and Peace is a gorgeous collaboration that, as dark clouds gather around our world, calls for harmony and empathy, calm and understanding…love and peace. Players from all musical walks of life join singer and musician Prem Murti. Singers Natalie Ai Kamauu and Annemarie Picerno lay down an array of gorgeous controlled and considered vocals, courtesy of Mike Greenly, over Russ Hewitt’s spacious, picked acoustic guitar. The song gradually swathes in classical strings courtesy of An Vedi’s delicate violin and Tess Remy-Schumacher’s sumptuous cello. The result is a genuinely brilliant piece that goes beyond mere music or even art and offers a work of sonic healing and something to think about in this increasingly divided world on the only planet we have ever called home. Excellent!



The first video features the song “What Will You Say” from Annemarie Picerno. This is a slow, mellow track finding Annemarie…relaxing in a tub. Sure, there’s heartache and a slavish devotion to the expectations of others – but Annemarie, while soaking in symbolic disinterest, lets the worries and concerns roll off her back like so much bathwater. And with a smoking cigarette, dark glasses, and laissez-faire attitude, Annemarie simply relaxes, remains curious, but lets it all play out. 

Prem Murti, Natalie Ai Kamauu, Mike Greenly, Annemarie Picerno (remember her?), Tess Remy-Schumacher, An Vedi, and Russ Hewitt with their latest track, “Love and Peace.” This is a slow, somber track with strong, balanced vocals. It’s a musical entreatment for something better – something beyond the complicated human condition. “Love and Peace” features great orchestration, talented players, and moments where danceable percussion grants the song additional strength. 



LOVE AND PEACE in OCT 2023 BILLBOARD MAGAZINE  Grammy Preview Issue pg 49 

SPREAD HOPE SEND LOVE - The Power of One Movement  Page 113

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