Money Pain" delivers an entertaining song that you can sing along to and know that you are not alone in feeling the empty wallet blues. Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin have nailed this number in every single way from their dynamite vocal performance to the soulful blues rock vibe that every working American has running through their veins. "Money Pain" just might take your financial pain away with the time tested remedy of a great blues song performed by stellar artists who bring it home.”


ANNEMARIE PICERNO performs her latest inspirational single release "THANK YOU" on the Debbie Reynolds Mainstage at The El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood California January 25, 2020 at the Indie Collaborative Showcase.  A glorious LIVE performance that stunned the audience as they laughed, cried, and sang along, "THANK YOU" is about being grateful every day.  Stripped to a live grand piano with focus on the vocals and packed with emotion and a universal message, this performance is bound to inspire.

Background Vocals -  Lisa Coppola

ANNEMARIE Performs "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" LIVE in Nashville at Music City Bar and Grill after her successful single radio release August 30 2019. 

DISCOUNT TOBACCO AND BEER© - ANNEMARIE PICERNO Performng Live In #Nashville ! The 6th track on "Songs From Nashville" DISCOUNT TOBACCO AND BEER© by Annemarie Picerno brings a Southern Rock bass groove infused with country pop and rhythmic blues, and playful vocals rocking the working man's weekend! Now on Bongo Boy Records Homestead Album Volume Three and Available on all digital music stores and 
Annemarie Picerno is an award winning entertainer, Grammy© and Americana Music Association member currently in Nashville 

Live in Nashville 

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS" - Annemarie Picerno cries with the dark angst of love, mixing lyrical moods of Tammy Wynette, K.d. Lang, and Roy Orbison in a distinctive romantic performance. Available in all online music stores and 
Lyrics and Music Annemarie Picerno

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